Present Collaborations


2TG was established over 70 years ago on one floor of 2 Temple Gardens, a distinctive white Victorian building overlooking the Thames. The Chambers is home to 62 barristers practising in both distinct and related areas of expertise, and their clients value both the specialist expertise and the shared knowledge and experience available in the Chambers.


ADR ODR International is an alternative and online dispute resolution provider. From international conflict management to negotiation, mediation and arbitration, it is the thought leader in progressive dispute resolution and training. Headquartered in London, it trains both students and professionals in a range of sectors and countries from civil mediation in U.K. Universities to executive negotiation courses in Dubai.

Wægger Negotiation Institute

WNI is founded by the very well known and established Scandinavian facilitator, former lawyer, mediator and now an associate professor in conflict resolution, Mr Roar Waegger. Roar has studied negotiation at the Harvard Law School. WNI is a premier institution that engages in organising workshops, lectures, and seminars on conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation.

Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation

Founded in 2001, IIAM is a premier non-profit organisation that is a pioneer in International ADR related services across the globe. Being a founding member of APCAM, it functions as the APCAM Centre in India with its advisory board comprising of eminent luminaries from various fields.

International Mediation Institute

IMI is the only organization in the world that transcends local jurisdictions to develop global, professional standards for mediators and advocates involved in collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation. By convening stakeholders, promoting understanding of mediation, and disseminating skills, it is changing the world of mediation.

Young Mediators’ Initiative

YMI is a platform for mediation professionals to: connect, network, share knowledge, get in touch with mediation organizations and gain field experience through shadowing, assistantships, internships, co-mediations and mentoring programmes.

Ex Curia International

This global and dynamic forum brings together the diverse opinions of the community of proactive students and seasoned professionals who are willing to contribute towards the common aim of promoting ADR practices across the globe. ECI has successfully developed a solid base in 5 continents, 40+ countries, and numerous ADR communities.

Bombay Chambers of Commerce and Industry

One of the oldest Chambers in the country, it was founded in 1836. Along with providing labour advisory services and visa facilitation services to its members, it also provides services through the dissemination of information, publications, special studies and through activities like organizing business delegations, seminars and training programs.

The Peacekeeping And Conflict-Resolution Team

The Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Taskforce is a group of like minded professionals who came together with the singular aim of promoting the use of consensual dispute resolution in India. Headquartered at Delhi, the organisation has been promoting ADR through several means over the years.

Centre For Mediation And Conciliation (CMC)

Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry [under the guidance of the Bombay High Court] has set up the Centre for Mediation and Conciliation (CMC) to promote use of mediation as a quick, cost efficient and confidential option for resolution of commercial disputes.

Bridge Mediation

Bridge Mediation is a consulting, advisory and capacity building organization. One of the pioneers in organized civil and commercial mediation, policy advisory, consulting, think tank and training in India. BRIDGE also provides assistance in developing in-house processes for pre-litigation, confidential dispute resolution and conflict coaching for employees and teams.

Eastern Book Company

The Eastern Book Company (EBC) Group is an intellectual giant in Indian law publishing. It is run by a unique combination of highly qualified legal, managerial and information technology professionals who publish a wide range of legal commentaries, student texts, law reports and digests.

SCC Online

A brainchild of Eastern Book Company, this Information Database and search program is a proven source for quick retrieval of case-law precedents of the Supreme Court of India. By using the finest of technological innovations, EBC pioneered law information databases for making law easily accessible in the electronic medium. This has appeared in a revolutionary form, in the electronic medium, as SCC Online.