8th to 10th MARCH, 2024


our 10th edition

“Mediation is the art of finding the path of mutual understanding in the tangled forest of disagreement.”

In resonance with this guiding ethos, the 2TG-RMLNLU International Mediation Competition, 2024, proudly marks its 10th edition, underscoring a decade of remarkable progress and achievement. This edition goes beyond the preceding editions, promising an enhanced and more competitive experience. In a stride towards enhancing the competition’s global presence, the competition welcomes eminent adjudicators and participants worldwide, enriching the exchange of diverse perspectives and expertise. The 10th edition is a testament to the competition’s enduring success, bringing with it an enhanced level of competition that promises to be bigger, more challenging, and more impactful than ever before. The preceding nine editions have been marked by outstanding participation, stellar judging panels, and a profound dedication to nurturing the skills and talents of all involved.

We are delighted to affirm that our collaboration with 2 Temple Gardens, a distinguished barristers’ chamber in the United Kingdom, persists for yet another edition. We hope to see you in person at our campus in Lucknow as we gear up to organize this milestone edition.

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Preliminary Round Problems

Advanced Round Problems


A Glimpse of Our last edition

A Glimpse of Our last edition