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The ADR Wing of RMLNLU Legal Aid Committee

The debilitating problem, while taking recourse to legal remedies in India, is the never ending timeline, so much so, that it has become synonymous with justice dispensation of the country. Consequently, this has led to increased financial burden on the litigants and an incessant backlog of cases. Nonetheless, litigation remains the most popular and preferred legal remedy even today. This begs the question, Why? Lack of awareness and exposure to Alternate Dispute Resolution [ADR] is the prime cause. Hence, the ADR wing of the Legal Aid Committee [LAC] began and continues to work with a mandate of addressing these problems and thereby promoting ADR culture in the Indian legal system. Along with organising various seminars and workshops with esteemed panelists from across the globe, the ADR Wing of LAC organises multiple competitions, both at the National Level [the RMLNLU National Mediation Competition] and Intra-University Level [the Client-Counselling Competition and the Negotiation-Mediation Competition] to foster and promote the ADR culture. Our flagship event, RMLNLU National Mediation Competition, that started back in 2012, is the oldest and one of the most prestigious ADR Competitions in South Asia, where the LAC, RMLNLU hosts various student teams and ADR experts from across the globe.


We at RMLNLU believe to inculcate the spirit of serving the society in the future legal fraternity of the country. And the Legal Aid Committee of the university, since its inception in the year 2009 has been very instrumental in fulfilling this objective of the university. LAC, a student body, working on university premises undertake tasks to provide legal aid to the under privileged section of the society and work towards creating awareness about the feild of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the young law students. And, it indeed has come a long way and has garnered the image of being one of being one of the most active and prestigious cell of its type. All this is a result of their initiatives like project SHIKSHA, project ASHA, National Mediation Competion, and recent contribution for helping migrant labour.
Prof. Subir K Bhatnagar
Vice Chancellor, RMLNLU
Legal Aid Committee of RMLNLU excels in two areas, we provide legal aid to the disadvantaged and task ourselves into organising both inter and intra college ADR competitions across the year. It has been an absolute pleasure to work closely with such a strongly driven student fraternity. Further I am immensely proud to mention, that even during these difficult times, we contributed all we could towards the migrant labour in need and are ready to make our flagship event, RMLNLU NMC international. The reputation LAC has built in such a small span is undoubtedly reciprocation of all the hard work of the committee members.
Dr. Manish Singh
Chairperson, Legal Aid Committee


RMLNLU Mediation Competition

The RMLNLU National Mediation Competition, birthed in the year 2012, is one of the oldest ADR competition in the country and has garnered the reputation of being one of the most prestigious events. It provides a platform to young ADR enthusiasts to display their skills and attain guidance from the most accomplished in the field.

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